lettera27 is a non-profit foundation, born in July 2006. Its mission is to support the right to literacy, education, and the access to knowledge and information. 
lettera27 is the 27th letter of the alphabet, the missing letter, the letter yet to be, the hybrid sign, the empty box, the link between oral and written words, the connection to the future, the intersection of analogic and digital.
We are building our small precious booklet series AtWork
October 07, 2016
We are building our small precious booklet series AtWork
Here we are today with the publication of the fourth
booklet, AtWork Cairo Chapter 04, which tells the experience of the workshop that took place at Darb 1718 in December 2015 through images, interview and ideas.
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the director's eye
The Director’s Eye: the winning project developments
May 30, 2014
The Director’s Eye: the winning project developments
Hawa Essuman is the young director who won the director’s eye prize in October 2012, an award created by lettera27 to support African cinema. During the FCAT’s Africa Produce forum a jury comprised of a Nigerian director Newton I. Aduaka and a South African producer Steven Markovitz has selected Hawa for her Djin, a project of a film that still had to be written and that lettera27 has supported in its pre-production phase. 

Image: Hawa Essuman, 2013. Photo by Matilde Castagna.
Notes for an imagined city:  the Ou Ning notebook at the Taipei exhibition
May 12, 2014
Notes for an imagined city: the Ou Ning notebook at the Taipei exhibition
The notebook of the artist and curator Ou Ning is participating in the Cloud of Unknowing: A City with Seven Streets exhibition, taking place from May 10th to August 17th at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. The work has been produced in 2010 in the occasion of Detour Shanghai, the eighth venue of the Moleskine travelling exhibit, and donated to lettera27 by the author. The notebook joined the foundation’s collection of the artists notebooks and is now back on the international contemporary art arena: the Taipei exhibition is in fact part of the project aimed at giving value to this cultural heritage through its distribution at the exhibitions and events around the world.

Ou Ning, Bishan Community: How to Create Your Own Utopia, Moleskine Detour Shanghai, 2010, Courtesy of Moleskine.
Luoghi Comuni
Luoghi Comuni: the past and present of a project that is on the move
March 21, 2014
Luoghi Comuni: the past and present of a project that is on the move
During the course of 2013, the project Luoghi Comuni/little migrating stories inspired laboratories on migrations that were devised and carried out in secondary schools by two of the associations that in recent years took part in the project, Modena per gli altri and PPA - Parma per gli altri which were involved in the Modena (2010) and Parma (2012) legs respectively. These projects demonstrate how Luoghi Comuni triggers processes of active involvement within people and entities, leading to the experimentation of new forms of telling stories and getting to know others that grow and take on independent forms even after the completion of each leg.
Intellectual Property, Creative Commons and music
December 19, 2013
Intellectual Property, Creative Commons and music
An article by Cristina Perillo, that was recently published by Doppiozero, starts from the experience of a workshop on Creative Commons and music that took place in Vanuatu at the camp for musicians in residence, during the course of Music Bridges. The article describes and outlines the results and issues that have emerged from actual experience of musical production and consumption in Mozambique and Vanuatu, thanks to the author’s meetings and discussions with musicians, cultural operators and local producers during the workshop.

Image: Katy Toave, singer and drummer from La Réunion, with musicians during the Singaot Musik Kamp. Photo by Cristina Panicali, CC BY-NC.
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Urban transformations: the 2013 edition of SUD, in Douala
November 29, 2013
Urban transformations: the 2013 edition of SUD, in Douala
From 3-10 December 2013 the city of Douala, Cameroon, will be buzzing with installations performances, screenings, concerts and workshops thanks to the triennial festival of public art SUD - Salon Urbain de Douala. The event is created and produced by doual’art, a centre of contemporary art, a partner of lettera27 since 2007, that experiments with new urban practices, involving artists to work in and on Douala. The 2013 edition is produced in collaboration with Goethe Institut, Arts Collaboratory, ICU art projects, Tate Modern and GT Bank, University of Bogota, Flemish Ministry of Culture, DRAC pays de la Loire, Societe Generale Cameroon and Activa Insurance Cie.

Image: Pascale Marthine Tayou, Colonne Pascale, SUD-Salon Urbain de Douala, Douala, 2010. Photo Roberto Paci Dalò.
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